Western Florida Second Jurisdiction
Bishop L.E. Perkins

1. We are destined to become a haven for those who are in need of refuge.

2. We are set to become champions for those who have a call to serve.

3. We are to receive the FAVOR of God with humility and thanksgiving

4. We are set to create a powerful culture of success and accomplishment.

5. We are going to harness our resources and be wise stewards on an ongoing

6. We will undergird all of our leaders with training for the journey.

7. We will allow the Jurisdiction to be sustaining resource center.

8. We will never forget Holiness-Honesty-Humility as the foundation that
anchors the house.

9. We will constantly steer our ministries toward the Great Commission, Matt
28:19, 20.

10. We will prepare the next generations of leaders to become equipped with the
mindset of standing-waiting-trusting-dreaming.