Capital Outlook Church of the Year: Life Changers Church of God in Christ

To God be all the glory! Life Changers Church of God in Christ has been chosen as church of the year by The Capital Outlook. God is amazing! Thank you, Rev. R.B. Holmes, Sinclair, and the staff. My husband, Supt. Mandrell, and I are humbled by you making choice of us. God has entrusted the leading and serving of Life Changers into our hands, and together, we serve the family of Life Changers, and our community. We will continue to partner, collaborate, and serve the people. Life Changers COGIC is a leadership church, both spiritually and professionally, and we train, develop and empower leaders. Many leaders have come through Life Changers, and they are changing the world where they live. There are Life Changers members who are currently helping us to build, develop and empower the current membership and those who will come. Again, Rev. Holmes, thank you! We are most humbled!

Pastor Gerald and Dr. Judy Mandrell

About Western Florida Second Jurisdiction
Western Florida Second Jurisdiction is a non-profit organization, under the leadership of Bishop Larry E. Perkins, that provides support for the personal and spiritual enrichment of affiliated churches and their communities. The jurisdiction consists of 30+ churches, focused on bringing a variety of community services and programs. We are headquartered in Oviedo, Florida, with partnering churches throughout the state of Florida.
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